Quiz on Khalji Dynasty

The Khalji Dynasty

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Khalji Dynasty

This quiz on Khalji dynasty contains important questions on Khalji Dynasty. Practice this test after going through the above topic on Khalji dynasty.

This question and answer set is made keeping in mind about the requirement of the aspirants of various competitive exams. This quiz setalog with the blog on Khalji dynasty covers all the important events in the Khalji dynasty.

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Q1. Who was the founde of the Khalji dynasty?

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Q.2 Who among the followings constructed a new capital at Siri?

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Q.3 Who was also known as the Minister of War or Ariz-i-Mamalik?

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Q.4 Who was the ruler of Ranhthambor defeated by Alauddin Khalji?

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Q.5 Who among the followings constructed a new capital at Khilokhari?

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Q.6 Which of the following Khaljis did not follow rules and regulations set during the powerful Khalji’s reign?

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Q.7 Who among the following was given the administrative governorship of Gujrat?

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Q.8 Who amnong the following introduced the Dagh syatem?

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Q.9 Which of the following Delhi sultanate fixed the land revenue to half of the produce?

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Q.10 Which among the following refers to the house tax levied by Alauddin Khalji?

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Q.11 Which among the following title was referred to as was Zamindars by Amir Khusrau?

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Q.12 Market controller in  the Alauddin Khalji’s reign was known as_______?

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Q.13 Sarai-i-Adl is referred to which market system in Alauddin's reign?

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Q.14 Who among the following constructed the Hauz khas in Delhi?

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Q.15 Which among the following adopted the title of Al-Wasiq-Billah?

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