Sayyid Dynasty

The Sayyid Dynasty

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Sayyid Dynasty



  • This Dynasty took over the Delhi sultanate after the decline of the Tughlaqs. Timur invaded Hindustan in the 1398 AD. He looted Delhi and returned. At the end, he left appointed Khizr khan as the sultan of Delhi.

Khizr Khan (1414-1421AD)

  • The founder of the this Dynasty.
  • He adopted the title of Riyat-i-Ala.

Mubarak Shah (1421-1434AD)

  • Mubarak Shah was the son of khizr Khan
  • He was not an efficient sultan and was killed by his nobles. He was buried in the Kotla Mubarakpur in Delhi .

Mohammad Shah (1434-1443A)

  • Nobles nominated him as the Sultan.
  • He was also an inefficient ruler and was thrown out. His tomb was found found at the Lodhi garden in Delhi.

Alam Shah (1443-1451AD)

  • He was the last ruler of the this Dynasty.
  • He invited Bahlul Lodi and handed him over the throne of Delhi.

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The Sayyid Dynasty

The Sayyid dynsaty took over the power of the Delhi Sultanate after the Tughlaq Dynasty. It continued its reign for a very short span from 1414 AD to 1451 AD. This dynasty came to power after the the invasion of Timur over Delhi.

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Q.1 The last ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty was___?

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Q.2. The period of the Sayyid dynasty over the Delhi throne was from____ to____?

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Q.3. Who among the following titled himself as the Riyat-i-Ala?

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Q.4. Whose tomb was found at  the Kotla mubarakpur,Delhi?

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Q.5. Who among the following invited Bahlul Lodi to offer the throne of Delhi?

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Q.6. The founder  of the Sayyid dynasty was____?

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Q.7. Which dynasty came to power over Delhi sultanate after the end of the Sayyid Dynasty?

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Q.8. Which dynasty descended the throne of Delhi after the Tughlaq dynasty?

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Q.9. Which Sayyid ruler. Tomp is found at the lodhi garden, Delhi?

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Q.10. Who among the following of the Sayiid dynasty ruled the longest over the Delhi?

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