OPSC Questions and answers solved 2018 (Paper-I)

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OPSC Questions and answers solved 2018 (Paper-I)

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1.  The United nations world Youth Skill day is observed on:

     (a)   10th  Jul

     (b)  15th Jul

     (c)  17th Jul

     (d)  31st  Jul

Ans : (b)

2.  Which state government has launched a Smartphone Application  i-Hariyalli to increase the green cover?

     (a)   Haryana  

     (b)  Kerala

     (c)  Punjab

     (d)  Rajasthan

Ans : (c)

3.  Which of the following states in the India has maximum number of UNESCO world heritage site.

     (a)  Maharastra  

     (b)  Odisha

     (c)  Karnataka

     (d)  Tamilnadu

Ans : ( a )

4.  Who has been honoured with the 2018 Sri Jaydev Rastriya Yuva Prativa Award?

     (a)   Ruchi Sharma  

     (b)  Manisha Gulyani

     (c)  Anindita Anam

     (d)  Anupam Kher

Ans : (c)

5.  Which Indian-America personality has become the first Sout Asian to be elected in Oregon in the Western USA.

     (a)   Sushila Jayapal  

     (b)  Satya Atluri

     (c)  Akhil Amar

     (d)  Majarin banaji

Ans : (a)

6.  CV Rajendran who died recently associated with:

     (a)   Journalism   

     (b)  Film Industry

     (c)  Science 

     (d)  Sports

Ans : (b)

7.  Kazo Ishiguro won:

     (a)   UNISCO Award for Literature

     (b)  Best Man of Literature in UK

     (c)  Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017

     (d)  Best Literature Award in EU

Ans : (c)

8.  The Chakra shila Wildlife Santuary is located in:

     (a)   Assam    

     (b)  Tripura

     (c)  Meghalaya  

     (d)  Uttar Pradesh

Ans : (a)

9.   Which country has renamed part of the South China sea as the North Natuna sea

     (a)   Indonesia  

     (b)  Malaysia

     (c)  Brunei

     (d)  Philippines

Ans : (a)

10.  Which one is not a statutory body

     (a)   Finance Commission    

     (b)  UPSC

     (c)  NITI Ayog

     (d)  Election Commission

Ans : (c)

11.  Which Indian Personality has been appointed  as public policy fellow Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars ?

     (a)   Nirupama Rao

     (b)  Rakesh Sood

     (c)  G Parthasarathi

     (d)  Srinivasa Sinha

Ans : (a)

12.  The world milk day is observed on   

     (a)   15th may

     (b)  25th May

     (c)  1st June

     (d)  15th June

Ans : (c)

13.   Where is the Headquarter of the United Nations Economics and Social council ?

     (a)   Vienna

     (b)  Rome

     (c)  Paris

     (d)  New York

Ans : (d)

14.   Which venue is selected for 2024 Olympic Games?

     (a)   Los Angeles

     (b)  Paris

     (c)  Sydney

     (d)  Rome

Ans : (b)

15.   Which commission under the British rule prepared the Famine rule?

     (a)  Welby Commission  

     (b)  Strachey Commission 

     (c)  Hunter Commission 

     (d)  None of the above

Ans : (b)

16.   The Session of all parties muslim  conference held at Delhi on 31 Dec 1928 was presided over by:

     (a)  Aga Khan   

     (b)  Mohd Shafi

     (c)  Mohd Ali Jinnah

     (d)  Fajli Hussain

Ans : (b)

17.   During the Rajput Perio, the expression vinay stithi sthapak was used in administration for : 

     (a)   Chief of the Army

     (b)  Chief of the Treasury

     (c)  Manager of the Palace

     (d)  Chief of the Court

Ans : (b)

18.   Who started the news paper Indian socialist abroad?

     (a)   Veer Savakar

     (b)  Lala hardayal

     (c)  Bhupender Dutt

     (d)  Shyamji Krishna verma

Ans : (d)

19.   In which of the sessions, the Congress declared its policy towards Indian states for the first time?

     (a)   Nagpur Session

     (b)  Calcutta Session

     (c)  Gaya Session

     (d)  Lucknow Session

Ans : (a)

20.   Who was the author of the book the “The problems of the East”

     (a)  Lawrence

     (b)  Lytton

     (c)  Curzon

     (d)  Churchill

Ans : (c)

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