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mughal emperors and babur

  •   Babur established the Mughal Empirein Delhi after defeating Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat. The Mughals ruled over India for a period of nearly three Centuries. 
  • The Mughals established a largest empire in the Indian History in seen Administration, Military power, Economic development and Political empowerment. 
  • Out of many rulers of the Mughal empire six rulers has their impression in the History of India. The list of the rulers is as below :-mughal emperor




Sl No.  Name of the Ruler  Period 
1. Babur (Jahiruddin Muhammad Babur) 1526-1530 AD 
2. Humayun  1530-1540 AD  & 1555-1556 AD 
3. Akbar (Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar) 1556-1605 AD 
4. Jahangir (Salim)  1605-1627 AD 
5. Shah Jahan  1627-1658 AD
6. Aurangzeb  1658-1707 AD 
7. Bahdur Shah I(Shah Alam I ) 1707-1712 AD 
8. Jahandar Shah  1712-1713 AD 
9. Farruk Siyar  1713-1719 AD 
10. Rafi-Ul-Daula  1719 AD 
11. Muhmmad Shah Rangila (Roshan Akhtar) 1719 -1748 AD 
12. Ahmad Shah  1748-1754 AD
13. Alamgir II 1754-1759 AD 
14. Shah Alam II(Aliguhar)  1759-1806 AD
15. Akbar II 1806-1837 AD
16. Bahadur Shah II (Zafar) 1837-1857 AD 

BABUR (1526-1530 AD)




  • He laid the foundation of the Mughal Emperor in India. 
  • Babur was born in 1483 AD. Babur  traced the ancestry from Timur in paternal side and from Chengiz Khan from maternal side. 
  • He conquered Kabul in 1504 AD and titled as Badshah. 
  • Babur wrote his Autobiography Tazik-i-Baburi /Baburnama in Turkish language. 
  • He conquered Bhira port in Punjab and sent message to Daulat Khan and Ibrahim Lodi.
  •  Babur occupied the Bhira and Sialkot in 1520 AD. 
  • He received a plea from Dilawar Khan and Rana Sanga to fight with them against Ibrahim Lodi.
  •  Babur faught the First battle of Panipat  against Ibrahim Lodi along with Dilawar Khan and Rana Sanga. In this battle Ibrahim Lodi was defeated and Babur  controlled over Dalhi and looted a a huge treasure from Lodi’s empire. 
  • The fisrt battle of Panipat was very famous as in Indian history  he used the firearms and gunpowder. 
  • Then He Captured Delhi and claimed himself as the Sultan of Hindustan. 

Major battles by Babur 

  • He has fought four major battles. He won all these battles, which act as a paving way for his empire to be  established in India.
First battle of Panipat

(1526 AD)

Battle of Khanwa

(1527 AD)

The Battle of Chanderi

(1528 AD )

Battle of Ghagra


-Fought against Ibrahim Lodi 

-Ibrahim Lodi lost the battle and was killed.

-He established the Mughal empire in India 

-Fought against Rana Sanga of Mewar 

-Rana Sanga lost the battle.

-Babur position over Delhi and Agra was strengthened.

-He assumed the title of Ghazi

-Fought against Medini Roy the Rajput ruler of Malwa. 

-Rajputs power was abolished and Mughal power increased. 

-Fought against the Afghans under the leadership of Muhammad Lodi (brother of Ibrahim Lodi)

-Afghans were defeated in this battle. 

  • Babur died in 1530 AD. He was burried at Aram bagh and later shifted to Kabul. 

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