Lodi Dynasty

The Lodi Dynasty

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LODI DYNASTY (1451-1526AD)

  • Lodi dynasty dominated over the north of Hindustan after the end of the Sayiid dynasty from 1451AD to 1526 AD.

 Bahlul Lodi (1451-1489AD)

  • Bahlul Lodi was the founder of the Lodi dynasty over the throne of Delhi.
  • He was a general of the Army during the reign of the Sayyid Dynasty. Before that he was a Afghan Sardar and came to India after Timur’s invasion.
  • Bahlul  annexed Kapli, Dholpur and  Jaunpur. He then appointed his son Babrak Shah as the governor of Jaunpur.
  • He titled himself as Bahlul-Shah-Ghazi
  • Bahlul Lodi has two sons named Nizam  Khan and Babrak Khan.
  • He ruled over Delhi for 38years and died in 1489AD

Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517AD)

  • Sikandar Lodi defeated his brother  Babrak Khan and ascended the throne after his father Bahlul Lodi.
  • His original name was Nizam Khan
  • He conquered Bengal and Bihar. Sikandar Lodi had made a new city named as Agra and shifted his capital here from Delhi. He also constructed a mosque in Agra city.
  • Introduced a new system of Land measurement called Gaz-i-Sikandar (Siandar’s yard). He released many poetry in persian language under the Penname of Gulrakhi.

 Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526AD)

  • Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of Lodi dynasty and the last Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • He defeated Rana Sangha of Mewar in 1518AD. He also killed his brother Jalal Khan (his brother) and captured Gwalior.
  • Daulat Khan invited Babur from Kabul and fight against Ibrahim Lodi in the 1st Battle of Panipat. In this battle Ibrahim Lodi died and Delhi sultanate ended.

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The Lodi Dynasty

The Lodi Dynasty ruled over the Delhi from 1451-1526 AD. The Dynasty took over the power from the Sayyid Dynasty after defeating the last ruler Alam Shah. This dynasty also was the last one in the throne of Delhi. After the end of this dynasty the Mughals came to rule over Hindustan

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Q.1 Last ruler of the Lodi dynasty was____? 

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Q.2. Which dynasty took over the power of Delhi Sultanate after the Sayyid dynasty?

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Q.3. Who has the title of Bahlul-Shah Ghazi?

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Q.4. Original name of Sikandar Lodi was ___?

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Q.5. Who was defeated in the battle of Khatoli?

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Q.6. ___ founded the Lodi Dynasty ?

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Q.7. The 1st battle of Panipat was fought in___AD

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Q.8. With whom among the following Delhi sultanate ended?

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Q.9. The period of Lodi’s reign over the Delhi sultanate was from___to ___AD?

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Q.10. Who among the following founded the city of Agra ?

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