Quiz on Indus valley Civilization

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Indus valley civilization is  an ancient Indian Civilization. It is one of the important  civilizations of the world. it dates back to 2500-1750 BC. This Indus valley civilization is also known as Harappan civilization.  Harappa is the first discovered site of this civilization. According to the survey of 80% of the civilization lies along the Indus-Saraswati river valley. This Indus valley civilization belongs to the Chalcolithic period or Bronze age. This civilization extends in the east from the Alamgirpur (Hindon), UP to Sutkagendor (dashk),Pakistan in ther west. And  from Ropar, Punjab in the North to Daimabad, Maharastra  in the south. Such a great civilization has a great impact on the Indian History.

Quiz on the Indus valley Civilization contains all the important questions. These questions has set as per their importance. and his quiz set makes you practice during exams. hence lets have a practice of Quiz  on the Indus valley Civilization

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Indus Valley Civilisation

Below find a question and answer on this huge Indus valley civilization in the history section set for practice for competitive examination.

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Q1. Which among the following food grain is not known to the People of  Indus Valley Civilization.

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Q.2  which among the following is/are the salient features of the Indus valley civilization?

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Q. 3. Time period of the Indus valley Civilization is from ______ to_____.

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Q4. Southern most point of the Harappan civilization is ?

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Q 5. Who discovered Mahenjodaro site  of Indus Valley civilization?

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Q. 6. Ropar site of Indus valley Civilization was located on the bank of which river?

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Q.7.  Kalibangan site Indus valley Civilization is located in which Indian state presently?

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Q.8.  Harappa site of Indus valley Civilization was discovered in which year?

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Q.9. Where do we find the dockyard in Indus valley Civilization ?

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Q.10. Which material is used by the people of Indus valley Civilization to build their hauses?

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Q.11. Which of the following site was located on the bank of the Ravi river

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Q.12. The Indus valley people were trading with which other civilization?

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Q.13. Which animal was not known to the Indus valley people?

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Q.14. Use of which metal is not known to the Indus valley people?

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Q. 15. The script being used in Indus valley Civilization was_____?

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Q.16. The Indus valley Civilization  people were ruled mainly by____?

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Q. 17. Alamgirpur is located on the bank of which river

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Q. 18. Where was Chanudaro located ?

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Q. 19. Who coined the term Indus valley Civilization ?

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Q. 20. Which among the following cities was the capital city of Indus valley Civilization ?

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